How did justinian revive the byzantine empire

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The Byzantine Empire

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Who was Justinian the first and what did he do for the Roman Empire?

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Dec 06,  · What Justinian did was to expand the territory of his existing empire,which thus got larger - it was not a "new" Byzantine empire as emperor remained the head of state,head of the army,and head of the Church,the capital was still Constantinople,and there were no big reforms in terms of how the empire was ruled or Open.

Justinian was known for his building programs such as: churches, schools, courts, hospitals, aqueducts,fortifications, and providing entertainment for his people at the Hippodrome. Created a code of laws known as the Justinian Code.

The History of Painting

Feb 22,  · Well the Roman Empire still existed. Justinian would have thought of himself as a Roman Emperor and most citizens would consider themselves Roman. Although he did bring Rome back into the Empire and reclaimed many lost provinces.

Justinian made the Empire look like it once did, stretching from Syria to Spain. Drawing upon the latest historical and archaeological research, Dr Peter Sarris provides a panoramic account of the history of Europe, the Mediterranean, and the Near East from the fall of.

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How did justinian revive the byzantine empire
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