How to write a gamecube disc cannot be read

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Copy protection

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Warranty & Support

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Wii unable to read gamecube disc... :(

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Details about Game Boy Player With Start Up Disc for Nintendo GameCube date: Nov 23, Select the Gamecube disc image (ISO) you just created and title your disc according to the game. Select a slow burn speed (1x, 2x, 4x) to ensure a safe burn process that does not risk hardware errors that could harm your computer hardware.

problem cannot be solved with the troubleshooting information. use of the Wii system, please read and follow the instructions in this NOTE: This product only plays Wii Game Discs labeled with “For use. Oct 31,  · How to Burn Wii Games to Disc.

Besides the convenience that a USB Loader and external drive provide, newer Wii models cannot read DVD-R discs. This means that a burned disc is useless on Wiis that were made in or later. Select "Write 84%(17).

Optical disc drive

Sep 16,  · Animedude Wrote:Isn't it possible to force any DVD drive (with hacked firmware) to be able to read and write ANY format of DVD disk, using RAW read and write commands?

The problem with that is it's very difficult write/hack firmware or drivers that allow arbitrary changes to the position and timings of the laser.

How to write a gamecube disc cannot be read
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SOLVED: Wii unable to read gamecube disc :( - Fixya