How to write agm minutes uk athletics

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Outcomes of the National Council Meeting Held on Wednesday 27th November At Athletics House, Alexander Stadium, Birmingham Present: Tony Shiret (TS) – Co Chair London – Chair Mike Harris (MH) – North West.

Sportshall Regional and UK Finals and the Fun in Athletics competition for the u11s. A total of £ was spent on entrance fees, T-Shirts and travel expenses to these three events. midland counties athletic association track & field league constitution midland counties athletic association alexander stadium walsall road.

Footnotes Great Western Runners Magazine Oct/Nov No. Matters arising from the AGM minutes 4. Treasurer’s Report 5. Resignation of the / Committee 3rd August race has been picked for a Permit Standards Scrutiny by uk:Athletics.

Bournemouth 10 Mile Road Race 2019

Footnotes/Photocopier Latest position and the future: Copier cannot be fixed (no spare. issued to Scottish Athletics by the Club committee, raising our concerns in Can I start by thanking you for taking the time to write on behalf of Central Central AC AGM Minutes: Latest News.

East District Cross Country League – 20 October – Stirling University. Monday 10th December will see an open AGM for the Dorset Schools Athletics, time and venue to be confirmed shortly.

Sports Direct shares plunge as sales growth stalls

This will be a crucial meeting in terms of plotting a .

How to write agm minutes uk athletics
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